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Tire One Road Hazard Plan

Road Hazard Protection for when You've "Nailed It"

Road Hazard Warranty in D'Iberville, MS

Driving is an adventure without adding road hazards to the mix. Nails from construction work, glass shards from accidents, and other hazards can be anywhere. Worse—you can't always move out of the way when you see one. Other times, you may not even see the hazard before it damages your tire.

No matter how defensively you drive, there's always the chance you'll end up on the roadside with a flat tire in San Diego, CA, Mira Mesa, CA, Miramar, CA, or anywhere the day takes you.

The question is: how much will you pay for a new tire or tire repair after a road hazard emergency?

A tire with no warranty or road hazard protection means you're looking at paying in full for a new replacement or repair, even if you haven't had the tire long.

With road hazard protection, you're not on the line for the full cost. If eligible, the entire cost of a replacement tire is covered. That's one reason to smile, despite being temporarily on the roadside.

What's Covered by the Road Hazard Plan?

The Tire One Road Hazard Plan is valid for a period of 3 years or until any portion of the tire is worn to 2/32 of an inch or less, whichever comes first.

Tire Replacement: If a tire becomes unserviceable because of a road hazard during the usable life of the tire, it will be replaced with a new tire. If available, an exact make/model replacement tire will be installed. If not available, a comparable quality tire will be installed. If the failure occurs within the first 25% of the usable treadwear and cannot be safely repaired per the manufacturer's guidelines, the tire will be replaced with coverage up to 100% of the original price paid for the tire. After the first 25% of usable treadwear, you will be charged for the consumed usable treadwear on the original tire, times the original selling price of the tire. You will be responsible for any taxes, mounting, balancing, and other miscellaneous fees. When the tread is worn to 3/32" the tire is considered worn out and is not eligible for adjustment. If you want road hazard coverage on the replacement tire, you must purchase road hazard protection for the new tire.

Tire Repair: If your tire is damaged due to a road hazard and can be safely repaired, the tire will be repaired per manufacturer's guidelines at any participating facility. The repair will be provided to you free of charge if performed by the original facility that sold you this plan. If the repair is performed by another facility, the plan will cover up to $20.00 to have the tire repaired. Tire road hazard coverage will remain in effect until the tire is worn to 2/32".

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Don’t get caught in an emergency without the Tire One Road Hazard Plan from Bear's Tires. This nationwide tire protection plan gives you added peace of mind while driving, and can save you from getting stuck with a more expensive, full payment.

We make it easier for you to replace your vehicle’s tires, whether you have a total tire blowout, run over a nail, or encounter another tire hazard while driving.

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